Founded in munich, mehappy is a full-service, fully-integrated creative agency.


Filled with full-time, late-working, on-timing, below-budgeting, hard-charging, clutch-saving,coffee-chugging, pop-culture changing, media fanatics. These guys believe in strategic thinking, creative genius and know how to rock the house with passion.


motion design

mehappy excels in creating motion design solutions for the broadcast and the entertainment industry. We combine design with animation to make the connection with your audience.

on air promotion

This is the most effective & efficient medium of the advertising industry. We have more than 2o years experience and a proven track record. We create promotion for all types of media.

brand strategy

We create genuine solutions to present your packages in the best way, activating a brand positioning through visual identity development, designing to support corporate values.


From concept to shooting to final product, mehappy can serve both low budget and complex solutions from one source. Our network of specialised experts extends from cameraman and director to lighting and sound to post-production. We are flexible and undogmatic, we are thus able to find a customised solution for every challenge faced by our clients.